A test of the SharpShark monitoring feature (stay tuned)

SharpShark Pitchday November

1) I’m Sasha, the founder of SharpShark. We are a Blockchain legal tech that provides the full protect — detect — reject cycle of intellectual property management that was so complex in the past.

2) According to statistics, media companies can lose up to 25% of traffic due to unauthorized copies. In total, they are losing 3 billion dollars a year.

We always knew that authorship rights were poorly respected on the Internet, despite the intellectual property being regulated internationally.

But we were surprised that plagiarism exists at all levels in Chile, including on university and government websites. Look at how we are confronting this problem.

3) SharpShark lets users protect content automatically with Blockchain, receive electronic evidence of authorship, detect pirated copies, using powerful anti-plagiarism algorithms, and quickly remove them from the internet with our recently built dispute resolution process.

4) By applying this process and approach, that was suggested to us by our StartUp Chile mentor, we are now running 3 partnership programs which brought us 7 corporate clients, for whom we have resolved fascinating cases during the StartUp Chile acceleration.

5) Startupschilenas — during the whole month, we were protecting articles and monitoring the information space. We were unpleasantly surprised to discover our client’s intellectual property on government and university websites without permission. Both cases were successfully resolved.

For our foreign client, Delobank, we resolved a case with a tough copyright violation: a viral article was copied and pasted and the violator rejected our attempts at dialogue. We blocked the illegal content, and with this case, we won a high position in a Russian copyright competition.

We expanded our service and now we protect and monitor 4 Chilean trademarks, from which we’ve received 4,000 $USD of revenue, and already detected 1 violation attempt and protected our client´s trademark.

Publimetro also liked our solution and suggested a pilot scheme with FayerWayer.

And it seems like we got our big deal: to manage intellectual property for the Football Association.

Chilean press loves us, we’ve got coverage from 24horas, Startups Chilenas, Tecnopymes, La Quinta Emprende, Entreprenerd, Radio Z, and TXS Radio.

We brought X investment to Chile and paid more than X pesos in taxes to Chile because 3 of us are Chilean residents.

With our amazing core team of 4, formed from MIT and UCLA, we can now definitely say that we can view Chile as a highly advanced technological country and set it free from plagiarism.

Thank you and join us today because in three years 30% of global content will be kept in Blockchain!